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Hand Bags, Luggage & More in Saskatoon

The Awl Shoppe is your trusted source for travel luggage, handbags, shoe repairs and so much more. Our team has compiled a few of our most frequently asked questions to help you travel in style and comfort wherever you go. For more information on anything you see, contact The Awl Shoppe in Saskatoon today.

Q: I am going to Europe, what do I need?

A: Well, there is a number of things that could be considered useful for a trip to Europe; converters, adapters, RFID protection, money belts, Pack-It systems, secure Anti-Theft bags, and much more. Come on in and ask our knowledgeable staff which combinations work best for you.

Q: What is the difference between an “Adapter” and “Converter”?

A: An outlet adapter allows you to plug your devices in foreign electrical outlets. While a converter will actually bring 220v (Which most of Europe, Africa and Asia run on) down to 110v (Which North America runs on). Adapters and Converters are usually used together to protect your devices. Converters are not needed for “Dual Voltage” devices.

Q: How do I know if my bag is considered carry-on?

A: Always be sure to check with the airline you have chosen to fly with to get the most accurate and up to date information on their carry-on allowances for weight and size.

Q: What is RFID technology?

A: Radio-Frequency Identification, RFID for short, is the advancement in credit/debit cards and passports that allow us to have quick and easy access to things. There is a small electronic chip inside of your cards and passports, which can be scanned by merchant terminals for quick payments. Unfortunately thieves have found out how to scan your cards and passports to steal personal information. We carry a selection of products to protect against RFID theft, including the very popular SECRID wallet.

Q: Should I be worried about RFID theft?

A: It is a real thing, and it happens without you even knowing it had happened. The thieves don’t even have to touch your belongings in order to steal off of you anymore. RFID theft is very common in Europe, but has started to pick up in Saskatoon. Malls and airports are the most common places to be scanned, as you will usually have all of your cards and/or passport on you.

Q: Can you fix __ item?

A: We fix shoes (Ladies lifts, half soles, full soles, heels, rips, dyeing), Jackets (Tears, zippers), Luggage (Wheels, tears, zipper sliders, handles), Athletic (Hockey Gear, Baseball gloves, Tents) and other various items.

Q: How much to fix my item?

A: Unfortunately it is very difficult to quote a repair over the phone or internet. For an accurate quote on the repair, come on in to The Shoppe for a free assessment.

Q: Do you stretch shoes?

A: We do, although we can never guarantee how much shoes or boots will actually stretch. It all depends on the material and the way the shoes or boots are built. It’s inexpensive and we always do one free re-stretch within 30 days if the first time wasn’t quite right.

Q: What warranties are included on your products?

A: Here at The Awl Shoppe, we always stand behind the products we sell. There are a variety of warranties ranging from “Manufacturer’s Defects Only” (Items are only covered for a limited time), “Limited Lifetime warranty” to “No matter what” or “Simple As That” – full lifetime warranties. For more information feel free to phone or come in, and we will be happy to explain warranties further.

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